Why Disabilities Advocate Eliza Hull “Can’t Turn Away” From Gaza

The number of people acquiring disabilites amid the Gaza conflict is rising, and without access to healthcare, their futures look dire.

According to the Palestinian Central Bureaut of Statistics, 58,000 people were living with disabilities prior to October 7. The precise number now is unknown.

For disability advocate Eliza Hull, it’s something she “can’t turn away” from.

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She joined The Weekend Briefing with Antoinette Lattouf to discuss how she has been using her social media platform to put a spotlight on what it would be like for people in Gaza living with disability.

“It is tragic, and has been deeply affecting me,” she said.

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“I’m thinking about people with disability that have lost all support, having limbs blown off, amputated without any pain relief.

“There is just so many people acquiring disability daily that don’t have any pain relief, they don’t have water to drink, so I I can’t turn my back on that.”

In this chat, Eliza also shares some of the heart wrenchin moments shared with her children and how Gaza has impacted her parenting.

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