Israel protests
Protests in Israel escalate. Source: Getty

Why Controversial New Law Sparked Israel Protests

Duelling protests have erupted across Israel as the country’s ultra-right government took the first steps in passing a bill that will limit the Supreme Court’s judicial powers and grant unprecedented powers to the Netanyahu Government.

Hundreds of thousands of people are marching on the capital of Jerusalem protesting the controversial bill over fears the new laws weaken and eliminate any form of supervision that the Israeli Supreme Court has over decisions of the government.

On today’s episode of The Briefing, Israeli international law expert Dr Noam Peleg joins Antoinette Lattouf to discuss how the bill will affect Israeli citizens and what President Benjamin Netanyahu is really up to.

“Let’s not forget that during this political crisis, Netanyahu’s corruption trial is still going on in the Jerusalem District Court. He made it very clear from day one since the Attorney-General pressed charges against him some four years ago that he’s going to fight for his life and he is indeed fighting for his life. He needs his stay-out-of-jail card and that’s one way to orchestrate it.”

– Peleg said.

“People, mainly the younger generation, have lost hope and faith in their political system. They feel as if they are being oppressed by their own government and are taking their rage and frustration to the streets.”

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