Bikie gangs
Dean Lewins, file photo: AAP

Why Can’t We Rein In Outlaw Bikie Gangs?

A new generation of bikie gangs is fighting over control of the supply of illicit drugs and organised crime.

More money is being filtered into notorious gangs like Hells Angels, Commanchero, Bandidos and Rebels and their key players are showing it off.

“We’ve seen just recently the former head of the Commanchero’s wearing designer dressing gowns in the club colours, we’re hearing stories of club presidents driving $750,000 Lamborghinis. This is what we call the Nike Bikies and that’s a term that started in the early 2000s because as some would say, these guys would rather wear Nikes than motorcycle boots.”

Professor Mark Lauchs, Queensland University of Technology’s School of Justice

Last month, there were reports that some recent Sydney gangland murders were allegedly linked to the war over illicit drug supply.

Given millions have been spent on operations like Raptor in New South Wales, Viper in Victoria and Maxim in Queensland, the gangs continue to flourish. Why can’t they be reigned in?

In this episode of the Briefing, we’re joined by Professor Mark Lauchs from Queensland University of Technology’s School of Justice who’s been looking at the changing face of gang violence.

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