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Why Are There No New Cars In Australia?

If you have been in the market to buy a new or even used car in the last year or so you may have been shocked at how hard it is to find one.

We have talked a lot about the supermarket shortages and problems in the supply chain on The Briefing but it looks like the effects of the pandemic have landed squarely on Australia’s automotive industry

The new car shortage has run in the background since the start of the pandemic due to the microchip shortage but after two years – there’s no sign of it letting up. 

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CEO of the Australian Automotive Dealer Association James Voortman says the car is the second biggest purchase for most families after their house. He takes Tom Tilley and Katrina Blowers through the issues at play, the surge of value in the used car market and if a return to the “normal” trends will ever be possible.

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