What’s Open In Your City On Anzac Day

It is the question that is asked every public holiday: “so, what’s open today?”

With Anzac Day coming up on April 25, we’ve compiled the trading laws for each state, so that you know where you can and can’t go on your day off.


Businesses are classed in to three categories: exempt, independent, and non-exempt.

Exempt businesses are able to open the entire day.

Independent businesses – those of a smaller work force and independently operated – can begin trading from 1pm.

Non-exempt businesses are larger supermarkets, department stores, hardware stores, and shops selling motor vehicles and/or caravans. Trading hours for these stores depends on their location.

The Queensland Government website provides a detailed list of shops, their classifications, and trading regulations.

New South Wales

Trading is allowed for businesses after 1pm.

Businesses recognised as “small shops” – those that have fewer than four employees on the day and no more than two profit-sharing owners – may open before 1pm.

South Australia

In South Australia, the location, size and what a shop sells is factored in to whether it can trade on Anzac Day.

“Exempt” shops, including restuarants, cafes and takeaway stores, pharmacies, newsagencies, petrol stations and others can operate as they please.

“Non-exempt shops” including the CBD and hardware stores can operate between 12pm-5pm.

The metropolitan shopping district, proclaimed shopping districts, and car and boat dealerships will be closed.

The Safe Work SA website provides a detailed list of shops, their classification, and trading regulations.


Pharmacies, newsagencies, bottle shops, cafes and restaurants, petrol stations, car yards, and real estate agents can trade under their usual hours.

Most other business are allowed to open from 12:30pm.


Most businesses in Victoria will commence trading from 1pm.

There are exemptions for essentials services like chemists, petrol station, and resturants and cafes which can operate all day.

Smaller shops employing 20 or fewer people at any time on the restricted day and have no more than 100 people employed during the seven days immediately leading up to the restricted trading day may also open.

Cinemas, live entertainment venues, and real estate auctions are not allowed to operate until 1pm. 

Western Australia

Businesses across Western Australia will be closed except those with an exemption. Essential services including pharmacies, newsagencies, and recreational outlets like duty-free shops and arts-and-crafts store are allowed to open.

Restuarants, cafes and takeaway food shops, as well as stores on Rottnest Island are able to operate as usual.