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What Is The Solution To Ending the Israel-Hamas Conflict?

As the death toll in Gaza pushes past 10,000 this week, what will it take to end the conflict?

Western powers have been advocating for a two-state solution; Israel for the Jewish people and Palestine for the Palestinian people.

Listen to today’s episode of The Briefing here:

In today’s episode of The Briefing, Tom Tilley is joined by former Australian diplomat Bob Bowker who was stationed in the Middle East for four decades.

Bowker breaks down what he thinks of a two-state solution, and how he thinks the war will play out.

“The two state solution is the ideal and neat solution,” Bowker said.

“But nothing in the Middle East is ideal and nothing is needed.”

“And from any realistic prospect to state is as dead as mutton from it. If you want to put that in the nice language of diplomacy, it’s once again an idea ahead of its time and a long way ahead of its time.”

You can get a copy of Bob Bowker’s book, Tomorrow there will be apricots: an Australian diplomat in the Arab world here.

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