Black Models
Jo-Anne Hui-miller reflects on what lessons the popular fashion event should learn from the boycott.

What Have We Learned From The Melbourne Fashion Week Boycott?

Melbourne Fashion Week is coming to close, after a week marked with controversy following a dozen Black Australian models boycotting the event to highlight the fashion industry’s mistreatment of people of colour.

Thirteen models were part of the initial boycott – but now dozens more have come out and said they too declined to partake in MFW for the same reasons – lack of inclusive practices, tokenism, poor pay and almost no diversity behind the scenes calling the shots.  

A week after The Briefing Podcast’s exclusive investigation into the boycott, Antoinette Lattouf is joined by Jo-Anne Hui-miller, a diversity advocate, who is the Former Editor of Inside Retail Magazine and is currently working with retail advertising agency The General Store. Hui-miller talks about the lessons the popular fashion event should learn from the boycott.

I really feel that you know, organisations like Melbourne Fashion Week need to put targets in place. They need to have an action plan. They need to have real goals in place so that they can actually make diversity and inclusion happen.

In case you missed The Briefing’s part one exclusive investigation into the boycott, you can access the episode here – Why are black models boycotting Melbourne fashion week? It features a raw and honest interview with one of the models taking part in the boycott, Australian South Sudanese model Nyaluak Leth.

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