What Can Policymakers Do About The Housing Crisis?

When it comes to Australia’s housing crisis, real estate agencies are part of the problem, but the root issues come down to policy.

The Albanese government is trying to have a bill passed that would help first home buyers through shared equity.

Labour introduced a $10 billion fund to help build affordable and social housing, and have pending reforms for renter rights.

Greens MP Max Chandler-Mather said it’s not time for a royal commission, but for bigger, bolder policies.

Chandler-Mather explains on the final episode of The Briefing’s three-part series, ‘Real Estate Royal Comission’:

“We already know a lot of the solutions we need to tackle the housing crisis,” Chandler-Mather said.

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These include capping and freezing rent increases, longer leases, stronger renter rights, more government-built housing, as well as less tax concessions for investors.

“If you rent to say had a five, ten year lease, and every year their rent increases were capped to a certain amount, it’d be very difficult for the real estate agency to abuse the power in the way they do,” he said.

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