What Are The Polls Telling Us Just One Day From The Referendum

With it just one day out from the Voice referendum, final polling indicates a majority of Australians still intend to vote No.

According to the latest data from Guardian Australia’s poll tracker shows the downward trend in support of the Voice has slowed.

Listen to part one of Blak Matters’ conversation with Australian journalist Stan Grant here:

It’s estimated about 41 per cent of Australians intend to vote Yes nationally, while the numbers suggest each state also has a majority No vote lead.

A double majority is needed for the referendum to pass – a majority Yes vote nationally and for four of the six states to also have a majority Yes vote.

Victoria is leading for the most support, however, still fails to reach a majority in favour, with 45 per cent planning to vote Yes.

Forty-two per cent of New South Wales and 40 per cent of Queensland intend on voting yes.

Listen to part two of Blak Matters’ conversation with Australian journalist Stan Grant here:

The Guardian suggested the national yes vote would need to be closer to 53 per cent for the referendum to pass.

Meanwhile, final polling from YouGov suggested the No vote led 56 to 38 per cent. Around six per cent of respondents were undecided.

Referendums in Australia have proven difficult to pass, with only eight successful since 1901.

Since early voting began on October 2, more than four million people have already cast their vote.

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