Western Sydney Airport

Western Sydney Airport Preliminary Flight Paths Released

Preliminary flight paths for the new Western Sydney Airport have been released.

The curfew-free airport is attractive, but the noise of a Boeing-737 flying overhead has local concerns. 

With Sydney’s current sky-high property market, what can we expect?

Listen the episode below to find out:

On today’s episode of This Arvo In Sydney, we talked to Vanessa Rader, Ray White Commercial Head of Research, to find out what the new Western Sydney Airport means for house prices.

Ms Rader says the development plan for the Western Sydney Airport started in the mid-80s and was also known as the Badgerys Creek Airport.

It’s going to be great for the region with employment opportunities and infrastructure updates like improved roads and rail,”

Ms Rader said.

She says that Western Sydney is a “massive hive of activity”, and the area has received much appreciation in value for residents’ homes for quite some time.

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However, some residents are concerned about the plane noise as the Western Sydney Airport will be a 24-hour airport.

She says suburbs most likely affected by plane noise have already benefited from the “knowledge and pre-work that has been done for the airport”.

Mr Rader says it is “a bit premature” for residents to sell their houses in the current market conditions.

It is still open for discussion and plans that they are openly looking for submissions from the local community.”

She suggests people wait until the final flight path is released as it is “too early to be concerned right now”.

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