Western Australia First To Benefit From Major Public School Funding Boost

Western Australia will become the first state to fully fund its public schools, with the federal government set to increase its share of public school funding under new deals.

The federal government will increase its funding for public schools from 20 per cent to 22.5 per cent by 2026 – or an extra $3 billion.

Western Australia is the first state to determine a deal with the government and will receive an additional $777.4 million from 2025 to 2029 to fully fund its public schools by 2026.

The state’s most disadvantage schools, including those in remote areas or with a large number of Indigenous, poor, migrant or disabled students will receive the boost in funding from 2025.

Remaining schools will receive funding in 2026.

Federal education minister Jason Clare said WA’s funding was only the “first step” and all other states and territories will be offered the same deal.

“We are committed to working with every state and territory to get all schools on a path to full and fair funding,” he said.

“That means the Commonwealth chipping in, the states chipping in … and to tie that money to the sort of practical, real things that are going to change children’s lives forever.

“(We will tie the money to) the things we know work, that are going to help keep children at school, help children who fall behind to catch up at school, and to help make sure that more young people finish school.”

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