Vape bust

WA Records Largest Illegal Vape And ‘Nang’ Bust In History

Police have seized $10 million worth of illegal vapes and ‘nangs’ from a warehouse in in Perth. 

The products were located inside of a warehouse in Perth’s north-eastern suburbs and was set to be sold through the black market. 

Police seized a total of 300,000 vapes with lab analysists revealing the vapes contained extreme levels of nicotine. 

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One of the vapes was confirmed to contain 900 milligrams of nicotine which equates to close to 100 cigarettes. 

The bust is believed to be the largest seizure of illegal ‘nangs’ and vapes in Australia. 

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It is currently illegal to own or sell nicotine vapes in Western Australia without a legitimate prescription and is punishable by up to three years in prison or a significant fine. 

Police also seized 180,000 nitrous oxide cannisters (nangs).

Nitrous oxide has become a significant health issue in WA with Perth Royal Hospital reporting an increase in patients suffering from ‘nang’ abuse. 

The investigation into the bust is still ongoing. 

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