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Viral TikTok Trends Raise Concerns About Illegal Activities

Experts are concerned about recent viral TikTok trends where people film themselves doing illegal activities, including stealing cars or exploring abandoned buildings.

So do social media giants need to take more responsibility for the content on their platforms? And what can parents do to help their teens avoid making bad decisions?

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On today’s episode of This Arvo In Sydney, we will explore potential solutions to protect our youth and promote a safe and positive online environment.

Crime experts say the Kia Challenge that went viral on social media contributed to an increased number of stolen cars across New South Wales. 

The reports have certainly been about posts on TikTok, and we know that’s really a young person’s social media platform so that also substantiates that connection with young people being associated with this increase in car theft.” 

Jackie Fitzgerald, Deputy Director at Bocsar, said.

Experts claim that the idea of committing dangerous and illegal activities seems “pretty appealing” to kids.

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TikTok and other apps have increased the reach and spread of dangerous challenges, giving kids ideas they might not have had. 

Dr Catriona Davis-McCabe, President of the Australian Psychological Society, said social media platforms should remove content related to crime or theft.

When young people see things over and over again, and with the way that social media and TikTok or whatever works, it keeps showing you more videos of what you’ve been searching for,”

Dr Catriona said.

We need to be able to prevent that in the first place. We need to stop children from witnessing and watching illegal and very difficult content.”

Meanwhile, parents are encouraged to have open conversations with their children about what content they are watching. The expert also suggests limiting screen time or taking devices away.

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