Victorian Police Officer Dismissed For Having Corpse Images From Crime Scenes On Phone

Another Victorian police officer has been terminated from duty after images of deceased individuals were reportedly discovered on his phone. 

This development comes nearly a month after Detective Leading Senior Constable Murray Gentner lost his job for alleged sharing of crime scene photos through a messaging app.

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Mr Gentner had previously faced allegations of disseminating pictures of former AFL coach Dani Laidley but had not faced any consequences.

On Thursday, Victoria Police confirmed that a detective sergeant from the Southern Metro Region was dismissed recently. 

Meanwhile, a detective leading senior constable from Crime Command has been temporarily suspended with pay, and another detective leading senior constable from the same command has been suspended without pay.

A Victoria Police spokesperson acknowledged the impact of crime on victims and their families.

“We aim to provide support and assist Victims through the criminal justice system.”

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According to The Age, Mr Gentner did appeal the decision to dismiss him, with a hearing date yet to be scheduled. 

None of the officers have been charged with any criminal offences.

Mr Gentner’s controversial history includes accusations of accessing Laidley’s arrest record during his day off in May 2020 and subsequently sharing the details with colleagues via a WhatsApp group named the “SD1 Gentlemen’s Club.” 

Laidley, once known as Dean, had played a significant role in Australian Football and coached the Kangaroos. 

Mr Gentner retained his job but was placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond in September 2022, and required to complete a “respecting dignity” course over the Laidley’s incident.

In March 2022, Laidly received a confidential financial settlement from Victoria Police.

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