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Victoria Extends E-Scooter Trial Period For Another Six Months

Victorians can look forward to another six months of convenient e-scooter rentals as the state government has extended the trial period for this popular mode of transport. 

E-scooters were first introduced to Melbourne streets in February last year, helping commuters with more than five million trips.

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On Friday, Public Transport Minister Gabrielle Williams confirmed that the trial would continue until April 5, 2024.

Mr Williams said during the current trial period, there have been no significant safety incidents reported. 

However, data reveals that e-scooter use and related incidents tend to peak during the spring and summer months. 

“The trial has been successful over the winter months, but we’re keen to see it operate over an extended holiday period and in warmer weather to ensure our datasets are comprehensive,” he said.

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In addition to the trial extension, the Department of Transport and Planning is working on developing a guide for councils to effectively manage e-scooter share schemes. 

This guide will include information on parking management and operator insurance requirements, ensuring a smooth and organised e-scooter experience for both riders and the public.

The state government is actively monitoring and assessing the use of e-scooters across Victoria.

To maintain safety standards, e-scooter riders are reminded to wear helmets, refrain from riding on footpaths, avoid carrying passengers, and adhere to the same alcohol, drug, and mobile phone restrictions as motorists.

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