Unimelb Students Speak Out On CCTV Surveillance Since Encampments

Earlier this year university students across the world set up encampments to protest against Israel’s ongoing killing of Palestinian citizens.

Since then, some students have realised they’re being watched.

Students at Melbourne University staged a sit in and refused to leave until university leadership agreed to disclose links to weapons manufacturers who may be providing weapons being used by the Israeli Defence Force.

Two unimelb students break the silence on being spied on in an exclusive interview with The Briefing:

Unimelb students have since left and months later, the uni complied. Now 21 students face disciplinary hearings, and may be expelled.

Wi-Fi data and CCTV footage of students on campus are being used as evidence of their participation.

Zara Chauvin-Cunningham is a second-year science student and is also Jewish. Chauvin-Cunningham said “The evidence brought against us is very frankly creepy,”

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“It made me really uncomfortable to know that the university is either employing people to comb footage for my face and trying to watch my life while I’m sitting in this building,” she said.

Kareem Zaghlool is a postgraduate medical student nearing the end of his studies and could face being kicked out.

“I’m very confident that we were doing the right thing,” Zaghlool said.

“Protesting for human lives, the lives of men, women and children of the elderly of my fellow health care professionals that are being targeted in this genocide,” he said.

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