UK Nurse Lucy Letby Sentenced To Life In Prison For Murdering Seven Babies

A former UK neonatal nurse will spend the rest of her life in prison after being convicted of murdering seven babies and attempting to kill another six.

Lucy Letby received the most severe punishment in British law, which doesn’t allow the death penalty, following 22 days of deliberation by a Manchester Crown Court jury.

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She did not appear in court for sentencing, which is allowed in British courts, angering the families of the victims who wanted Letby to hear their statements about their struggles caused by the crimes.

Letby, 33, was found guilty last week of murdering five baby boys and two baby girls over 13 months between June 2015 and June 2016 by injecting them with insulin or air, or force feeding them milk.

Justice James Goss said the number of murders and attempts, and the nature of the murders by someone who was supposed to provide the highest of care, deserved a “whole-life order”.

“There was a malevolence bordering on sadism in your action,” Justice Goss said.

“During the course of this trial you have coldly denied any responsibility for your wrongdoing. You have no remorse. There are no mitigating factors.”

Police have found no motives for her crimes, with Justice Goss saying only Letby could explain the reasons for her actions.

Only three other women has received a similar sentence under British law, including serial killers Myra Hindley and Rosemary West.

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