Prince Harry
Tom Tilley and Katrina Blowers talk Prince Harry's memoir.

Tom Tilley and Katrina Blowers Review Prince Harry’s Tell-All “Spare”

From a frozen penis incident to divulging his cocaine use, to losing his virginity in a field at 17, Prince Harry does not hold back in “Spare”.

But given his very public disdain for the media, “Spare” seemed like a strange call to Briefing co-host Katrina Blowers.

“On the one hand, I get that he wants to tell his story on his own terms, but on the other hand, Prince William has had the same scrutiny, and been under the same amount of spotlight. They’ve handled things so differently. What do you make of this, Tom?

“He wants to control his own narrative and, you know, the media’s not as simple as those same low lives that chased his mother into the tunnel are not the people producing a Netflix series or editing his book. So he’s allowed to work with the media without it being a contradiction. The book, I think, is a fair call. It’s, it’s some of the other media appearances that they’ve made that I don’t appreciate as much”

Tom Tilley

Take a listen to hear what Tilley and Blowers think Harry and Meghan’s next move will be!

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