Drug bust

Three Men And A Teen To Face Court Over $140 Million Drug Bust

Three men and a teenager are looking at potential life sentences after police allegedly busted a functional crime syndicate during a raid on a Sydney workshop. 

The Australian Federal Police arrested a 17-year-old boy and three men at a workshop in Wetherill Park after police allegedly discovered 233 kilograms of fake drugs inside an industrial pulley. 

The steel wheel was allegedly intercepted in April by police enroute to Australia from China and was allegedly found to contain $140 million of methamphetamine. 

Police switched the methamphetamine with fake drugs and waited for the shipment to be collected. 

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The three men and teenager were alleged to have been an “integral part” of the crime syndicate and were tasked with retrieving the drugs. 

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Police seized several power tools which the group are alleged to have used to access the fake drugs. 

Central Coast men 21-year-old Jack Martin, 23-year-old Jake Cucek, Mounir Mokdassi and the 17-year-old were all arrested in May and have been charged with attempting to possess a commercial quantity of illegal drugs which carries a potential sentence of life in prison. 

All three men have been denied bail and are set to face the Downing Centre Local Court on Wednesday. 

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