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Thousands Of Jobs Available To Assist The AEC With The Referendum

Up to 100,000 temporary employment opportunities are available with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to assist with delivering the Voice referendum.

Job opportunities are available in cities and regional and remote areas across the country before, on, and after referendum day.

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All interested people must be Australian citizens. Eligible people under 18 years old may work before and after voting date, but all people must be 18 years and older to work on October 14.

The AEC stated on its website those wishing to be temporarily employed must also be “political and issue neutral”.

“Being politically neutral means not expressing an opinion or taking actions in relation to political parties, political candidates, and their policies,” the AEC stated.

“Being issue neutral means not expressing an opinion or taking actions that support either side of the subject of the referendum.”

Pre-polling job opportunities include managing people and queues: handing out ballot papers, answering questions, as well as managing the polling place.

Similar positions are available on referendum day, as well as more senior positions which include supervising staff, securing ballot papers, managing vote count, and overseeing and supporting Officers in Charge.

While after voting day, jobs in counting votes and providing support in packing and finishing up an event are on offer. Outposted jobs where roles include counting votes, securing voting material and distributing to polling places and receiving them back when voting ends are available.

Polling support jobs specific to aged care homes and regional and remote polling locations are also available.

Successful applicants will be paid casual rates for all work conducted as well as any training required.

People can register their interest to work with the AEC on referendum day here.

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