The pill
Thinking about going off the pill? Dr Phoebe Holdenson Kimura discusses what you need to know on today's Briefing.

Thinking Of Going Off The Pill? Here’s What You Need To Know

Figures show prescriptions for the contraceptive pill have been declining steadily since the early 2000’s. An increasing number of women have expressed concerns over the impact the pill can have over weight, mood and fertility.

But what happens when you go off the pill? Dr Pheobe Holdenson Kimura is a GP specialising in women’s health. On today’s episode of The Briefing she joins Katrina Blowers to discuss what women can expect when going off the pill. Here are the top five takeaways from the interview.

  1. Fertility
    Women can generally expect their fertility to return to their baseline natural level around three cycles after coming off the pill.
  2. Contraception
    Of course, if you were taking the pill for the purpose of contraception, then it’s important to have an alternative contraceptive option in place if that is still important to you.
  3. Mental Health
    If you have found your mood and levels of anxiety have been an issue due to the pill, its expected they will return to a more even keel once coming off the pill. However, if you do have a history of anxiety and depression, or have experienced Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder or PMDD, which is a more severe extension of Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS, before going on the pill, it is likely you will see those symptoms return much worse once going off the pill. The pill works to reduce those symptoms and act like as an antidepressant particularly when those symptoms are acute in the week leading up to your period.
  4. Skin
    The pill helps to reduce hormonal acne so if you are coming off it, it’s likely you will see that it return, particularly around the jawline.
  5. Heavy and Painful Periods
    If you have a history of heavy and or painful periods or other gynaecological issues in the past, when going off the pill, those symptoms become exacerbated so it’s important to work out a management plan with your GP.

If you are thinking about going off the pill, you might want to consider what it is about it that you are not happy with. It is always good to consider other options but it could be as simple as you being on the wrong pill for you so its important to always consult your GP first.

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