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The Voice To Parliament Referendum Fails

Australians have voted against the establishment of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, the ABC has projected.

Tasmania, New South Wales and Tasmania have been projected to secure a No majority.

The national majority secured is also projected to be No.

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This means the Bill previously passed by Parliament setting out the proposed changes to the Constitution is not approved and an Indigenous Voice to Parliament will not be enshrined in the constitution. 

For the referendum to have passed, it needed to secure a double majority: Yes nationally, and Yes in four of the six states.

The ABC made its declaration at 7:24pm.

The request for a Voice was made six years ago by Indigenous Australians who took part in the Uluru Dialogues and issued the Statement from the Heart.

It was part of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s election victory speech that his government would implement the Uluru statement “in full”.

He said it would deliver practical benefits, contribute to meeting Closing the Gap targets, and give recognition of First Nationas People in the Constitution.

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