The uncertain future of F45: Is group fitness dead? 

It was not long ago that F45 – an Australian franchiser of gyms offering 45 minute group workout sessions, was considered the golden beacon for fitness fanatics.  

It became so popular that it ended up launching on the NY Stock Exchange in 2021, immediately valued at $2 billion, with endorsees among the biggest names in sport and entertainment.  

However, two years later, this billion-worth franchise has experienced an epic fall.  Multiple F45 gyms nationwide have entered liquidation in the past six months.  

So why has the shine gone off F45? And what does the future hold for what was once, one of the fastest-growing gym franchises in the world? 

You just don’t know about the implementation of the business structure,”

Bova said

There are a lot of poor operators out there who are just tired. Maybe they don’t want to reinvest things. They don’t want to spend another two or three grand on creating a new environment.” 

Daniel Bova ran F45 gyms for 8 years. He believes the lack of innovation is one of the reasons leading to its collapse.  

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On today’s Briefing, we speak to Bova about the rise and fall of the Australian franchisor. 

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