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The Truth About Domestic Violence: Teens, Sex And Choking

Rates of major crimes like robbery and break-ins have been falling in Australia over the past five years – except for two that just keep going up.

They are domestic and sexual violence.

Analysis of public crime data by The Briefing reveals the number of victims of domestic violence-related sexual assaults has increased substantially in all states and territories since 2018. Teenagers and young people are the most likely to suffer assaults, usually in residential properties and without a weapon.

Tasmania recorded the largest relative rise at 201%, followed by Queensland at 59%, the ACT at 54%, NSW at 35%, WA at 20%, NT at 16%, Victoria at 12% and South Australia at 7%.

This week, The Briefing’s host Antoinette Lattouff launches a four-part series on domestic violence in Australia. In today’s episode, she investigates the rise of intimate partner violence among young people.

What the experts have told me is that these young people are accessing porn at a younger age, they’re seeing a lot of porn and that’s shaping their expectations and behaviour when it comes to sex.

Clair Weaver, Investigations Editor at LiSTNR

Antoinette is joined by brave victim survivor Monique*, who recounts her story for the first time, and founder and CEO of the Lokahi Foundation Rachael Natoli.

*can’t be named for legal reasons.

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