The First Nations Voice to Parliament: Understanding Indigenous opposition 

Footage from last month’s Invasion Day rallies around Australia featured speakers urging those gathered to vote ‘No’ in the promised Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum expected later this year.  

Most Australians would think the majority of First Nations people would support a ‘Yes’ vote – but that’s not necessarily the case.   

Today and tomorrow The Briefing is taking a deep dive on the First Nations Voice to Parliament.

Listen now:

We speak to advocates from both sides of the debate to get a comprehensive understanding of what is at stake when we eventually have a chance to vote in the referendum. 

On today’s episode, we speak to proud Bundjalung woman and human rights advocate, Vanessa Turnbull Roberts, about why she’s opposing the Voice. 

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Turnbull-Roberts recently published an article in which she wrote, “We have always had a voice, but we have never been listened to”.  

She says it’s important to reflect on the process of the Voice and where it came from. 

In this case, our parliament holds the power, we are just an advisory, and advisory does nothing without substantial power,”

Roberts said.

We need actual movements that are going to fulfil and allow our communities to flourish and be self-determined”.   

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