The Conspiracy Group Trying To Take Over Local Councils 

From disrupting local council meetings to denying the Holocaust, there is a new movement of conspiracy theorists called My Place. 

My Place has taken some of the most dangerous beliefs on the internet and confronted councils around Australia. The group has 21,000 online members and are involved in many protests and movements, such as the anti-vaccine protests. 

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Darren Bergwerf, the leader of My Place, first started the organisation as a meeting place for people opposed to Covid Vaccinations.  

Mr Bergwerf is a sovereign citizen, meaning he does not believe Australian laws and institutions are valid.  

On today’s Briefing, we speak to ABC journalist, Emily Baker, about her recent interview with the group’s leader.  

It’s kind of that Venn diagram of alternative wellness people, people opposed to Covid mandates and lockdowns, people who are sovereign citizens and anti 5G,”

Baker said.

Baker says one of My Place’s strategies is to disrupt and influence local councils by following different council community action groups.  

They are encouraged to go to local council meetings, observe, and ensure the councillors know that they are there and being watched,”

Baker explained.  

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