The Coalition Announces Proposed Nuclear Energy Plan

Peter Dutton has named the proposed seven sites across Australia as part of the Coalition’s nuclear policy plan.

The sites are Collie, WA; Mt Piper and Liddell, NSW; Callide and Tarong, QLD; Northern Energy, SA; and Loy Yang, VIC.

Speaking on Wednesday following a Coalition party meeting, Mr Dutton said the proposed nuclear energy plan would result in lower carbon emmissions and cheaper energy bills in Australia.

“The future of our country is important and when plan for the economy and jobs and cheaper electricity,” he said.

“The prime minister has no vision for our country because he can’t manage the government day-to-day.

“We’ve done an enormous amount of work and I pay tribute to everyone who has looked at the international experience, why Australians pay the highest electricity prices in the world.”

In a social media post, Mr Dutton said the plan woud deliver net-zero by 2050.

Mr Dutton’s promise he will take into the election would see two of the seven proposed sites built between 2035 and 2037.

The estimation is several years earlier than the timeframe CSIRO and other expects believe is feasible.

The Coaltion has proposed the government should fund and own the nuclear plants, however the total price tag for the prosed plan has not been announced.

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