The Biggest News Stories Of 2023

2023 was yet another big year for news both nationally and internationally.

In two episodes of The Briefing, Tom Tilley and Katrina Blowers go through what made headlines this year and had us all talking.

The Briefing’s wrap of 2023’s national news:

In Australia, it’s hard to look past the Voice referendum as the biggest news, but CEO sackings and a mushroom poisoning was also among what happened.

Meanwhile internationally, we’ve all kept our eyes on the Israel-Hamas conflict – the events being so big that it may have been easy to forget what else happened in the world.

Do you remember the implosion of the Titan submarine, wildfires that gripped the northern hemisphere and that ChatGPT suddenly started taking over our day-to-day lives?

You can hear a full wrap of all these stories in the two episodes of The Briefing, on the LiSTNR app now or wherever you get your podcasts.

The Briefing’s wrap of 2023’s international news:

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