Parliament House, Sydney Opera House and Melbourne's Flinders Street Railway Station

Sydney Loses Crown For Best Australian City

Australia’s major city ranking has taken a shuffle after the Global Cities Index shows neither Sydney nor Melbourne took the top spot.

The Oxford Economics report said quality of life was assessed as “the well-being and satisfaction of a city’s residents”, taking into account incomes, life expectancy, housing costs, recreation and internet speed.

Sydney was ranked ninth in the world in terms of human capital, reflecting on education, workforces, and innovation.

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Melbourne was ranked as the ninth in the world overall. Its major sporting events were listed as a benefit while the high cost of housing dragged it down the list.

But neither Melbourne nor Sydney took the crown for Australia’s top city.

Canberra was ranked as the second best city in the world for quality of life, with a score of 99.8. The city follows Grenoble in France and comes before Bern, Switzerland.

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