Survey Finds One In Ten Australian Adults Forced To Move In With Parents

A recent survey has revealed that 1 in 10 Australian adults have moved back home to live with their parents over the past year. 

The finder survey of 1,073 people revealed that the equivalent of 662,000 Australian households have had an adult child move home. 

Of the survey respondents who had a child move back home or were the person to move back in with their parents, nearly two in five made the move in an attempt to save money. 

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The results of the survey come as Australia continues to struggle with the rising cost of living including increased rents. 

At least 30 percent of the survey participants claimed that they were forced to move in with their parents as rent has become unaffordable. 

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Another 30 percent are using the opportunity to save money to purchase a home. 

According to head of consumer research at Finer Graham Cooke, the rising cost of living is heavily impacting renters. 

“Soaring living costs have left thousands of young adults struggling to make ends meet – with rate increases having a higher impact on renters than homeowners,” he said. 

“Many are unable to juggle all their expenses and afford to live independently so they are moving back in with their parents.”

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