Support For Indigenous Voice To Parliament Drops Below 50 Per Cent Nationally

Support for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament has slipped below 50 per cent across all states, according to new Newspoll numbers for The Australian.

Heavily determined by age, demographic, and state, people voting ‘Yes’ is only ahead of ‘No’ in two states.

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The demographic breakdown reveals those most likely to support the Voice were high-income earners, university-educated people, renters, and young people.

Meanwhile, those with no tertiary education, retirees, mortgagors, and people who own their home outright were opposed of the Voice.

The ‘Yes’ vote nationally sits at 43 per cent when averaging Newspoll results between May and July, with the ‘No’ vote at 46 per cent.

People voting in favour of the Voice only has more support in South Australia and New South Wales. It is tied for those for and against in Victoria, while more are unsupportive of the Voice in Western Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania.

Voice support breakdown by demographics:

People aged 18-24 years old: 62 per cent yes, 27 per cent no

People aged over 65 years old: 28 per cent yes, 64 per cent no

English-speaking voters: 42 per cent yes, 48 per cent no

Non-English-speaking voters: 55 per cent yes, 34 per cent no

University degree holders: 55 per cent yes, 37 per cent no

Non-tertiary education holders: 37 per cent yes, 51 per cent no

Voice support breakdown by state:

New South Wales: 45 per cent yes, 42 per cent no

Queensland: 39 per cent yes, 54 per cent no

South Australia: 48 per cent yes, 42 per cent no

Tasmania: 43 per cent yes, 48 per cent no

Victoria: 44 per cent yes, 44 per cent no

Western Australia: 39 per cent yes, 52 per cent no

The Federal Government has confirmed the referendum will be held between October and December, with a date expected to be announced in the next few weeks.

A double majority must be declared for the referendum to be successful: a majority of Australians as a nation must vote ‘Yes’, while a majority of states must also be in favour.

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