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South Australian Teachers Strike To Reach Better Pay Deal

Hundreds of schools across South Australia have either closed their doors or altered timetables as teachers strike.

The disruptions, amid the SACE exams, have caused for 172 public schools and preschools to close, while 201 have needed to offer a modified schedule.

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Year 12 exams will continue as planned, even at schools where regular classes had been cancelled.

Last week, the government offered a compounding four per cent increase in the first year, followed by a three and 2.5 per cent increase in the second and third year.

The Australian Education Union (AEU) resolved to strike having turned the offer down after calling for an upfront 8.64 per cent pay rise in the first year.

The union also called for one hour less instructional time each week to reduce the time spent planning classes after hours implemented in the three-year agreement and the right for teachers to disconnect so they don’t have to answer parent inquires after hours.

Instead, the government offered the above pay rise, along with a one-hour reduction in instruction time implemented over seven years, removed two one-off $1,500 payments for teachers in the latest offer and the right to disconnect.

AEU South Australian branch president Andrew Gohl said the revised offer was “the same, if not worse than the last” in a statement.

“Since taking industrial action in September, we have been negotiating with the government and expected today’s offer to reflect those discussions,” he said.

“Under these conditions, teachers in some schools still won’t see any real workload relief for seven years, and by that time, half will have already left the profession.”

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