Left to right: Son of deceased Czech folk singer Hana Horka, Jan Rek (image: LinkedIn) and Hana Horka.

Son Of Renowned Folk Singer Details Her Tragic Decision To Catch Covid

Czech folk-singer, Hana Horka’s death made headlines around the world last week for being the perfect example of why people should take the medical recommendations to get vaccinated seriously.

The 57-year-old chose to remain unvaccinated and expose herself to her Covid positive husband and son, both vaccinated, over Christmas, believing that having the virus would provide better immunity than getting vaccinated.

Her decision cost her, her life.

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Last week, the Briefing team spoke to listeners about how they planned to catch Covid to “get it out of the way”. In this emotionally raw interview, Horka’s bereaved son Jan Rek says such a decision can turn deadly in the blink of an eye. 

“She went to the bedroom just so she could lie down for a bit because it was just a bit painful. And it’s quite apparent that she choked to death.”

Jan Rek, bereaved son of Hana Horka