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Secrets We Keep Podcast: Who Is The Baby In The Photograph?

Imagine discovering a photograph of your mother’s secret past- including a mystery baby. 

That’s the premise of new podcast  Secrets We Keep: Shame, Lies & Family.  Journalist, Amelia Oberhardt, shares discovering a photo of her mother as a teenager, wearing a wedding ring, standing beside her apparent husband and cuddling an unknown baby.  
So who is the baby in the photo?  

With the mystery of the man in the photo solved, Amelia was still yet to uncover the identity of the baby in the photograph. 

Could it be a long-lost sibling?  

Welcome to Cairns:

In a bid to identify the mystery baby, Amelia set up an interview with her mother’s former husband Michael Davies.  

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The informative interview reveals new information about her mother’s previous marriage and how the stigma of the 1970s would influence both her mother’s and Michael’s future.  

“I was pretty naive to tell the truth. Ceceila had gone to see if she could get on the pill, but she had to do it all very secretly,” Michael said.  

“In those days… we were all embarrassed to go into the chemist and ask for condoms.”  

The fear of judgement and Cecelia’s strong Catholic roots would force Michael and Cecelia to make a big decision – to get married.  

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