Search Underway For Dingo After German Tourist Bitten On Fraser Island

Rangers on Fraser Island are intensifying their search for a dingo after a German tourist was bitten on the leg at the popular holiday spot. 

The incident unfolded as the man, accompanied by three others, was exploring K’gari in Queensland.

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They went to Gerowweea Creek on Wednesday, where they stopped to check the depth of the water before continuing their drive. 

Without warning, the dingo lunged, biting and “mouthing” the man’s right shin. 

“The man received a shallow laceration … and jumped onto the bonnet to get away from the dingo before getting into the vehicle,” Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service said.

Fortunately, immediate first aid was administered by the group, and the man was promptly attended to by Queensland Ambulance Service personnel at Eurong on K’gari.

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Rangers are now attempting to find the dingo and have increased patrols.

Just days prior to the incident, a tracking collar had been attached to a dingo known for breaching the perimeter of a fenced community on the island. 

Additionally, reports indicated that the dingo had exhibited “high-risk behaviour,” including stalking and conducting dominance tests.

Fraser Island has seen a recent surge in dingo-related incidents, with several reported attacks in quick succession. 

An 18-year-old woman was bitten on the back of the leg during a tour group excursion to Lake Wabby, followed by another individual receiving a nip while walking along the beachfront near Dilli Village.

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