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Scott Morrison Joins American Global Strategies As Non-Executive Vice Chairman

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison will join the international advisory and consulting firm American Global Strategies (AGS).

In a media released published overnight, AGS announced Mr Morrison had been appointed as the firm’s “non-executive vice chairman”.

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It comes after Mr Morrison announced on Tuesday his 16-year politics career was coming to an end.

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison is widely regarded as one of the most consequential world leaders of the last decade, presiding over unprecedented changes to Australia’s foreign and defence policies.” Ambassador Robert O’Brien said in the statement.

“As American Global Strategies’ non-Executive Vice Chairman, Prime Minister Morrison will bring high-level relationships and unique geopolitical insights to our clients.”

Mr Morrison said he was looking forward to the opportunity of working with AGS.

“Together we can draw on our combined networks and experience in the region to help clients navigate a highly dynamic geopolitical landscape that presents risks and opportunities,” he said.

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“And it’s not just in the defence and security space. Supply chains, technological change, resource security, energy transition and new types of partnerships between the private and public sectors are all impacted by the world becoming an ever more complicated place.

“There’s a lot to unpack here and I’m pleased to be teaming up with people at AGS who know what they’re talking about and know what to do about it.”

Mr O’Brien worked as the national security advisor for Donald Trump when he was in the White House.

He and Mr Morrison worked together during the former prime minister’s time leading the country.

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