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Rising Dingo Attacks Prompt Euthanasia Of Another Aggressive Dingo On Fraser Island

Another dingo has been put down on Queensland’s K’gari after several incidents, including the latest attack on the eastern beach on August 26.

The attack took place on the Heritage-Listed island, where the dingo bit the woman on her thigh.

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The Department of Environment and Science has noticed increased behavioural problems since rangers tagged the dingo in January, including stealing food, persistently approaching people, stalking, circling, lunging, nipping and biting.

Despite their efforts to manage the situation through collaring and campground closures, the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) consulted with the Butchulla people, the island’s traditional owners, before euthanising the digon on the weekend.

It was a last-resort action in accordance with the Fraser Island Dingo Conservation and Risk Management Strategy.

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Fraser Island has witnessed a surge in dingo-related incidents, including bites and stalkings, prompting concern and debate about addressing the issue. 

In July this year, an eight-year-old boy was rushed to hospital after being bitten and scratched by two dingoes approaching his family on an eastern beach. 

A dingo was euthanised after a series of incidents, including biting a seven-year-old boy and a 42 -year-old woman. 

While some have called for culling the dingo population, rangers said it is primarily human behaviour contributing to the rise in encounters and attacks. 

The QPWS will continue monitoring the behaviour of the remaining dingo involved in these incidents.

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