Residents Urged To Stay Indoors As Smoke Blankets Sydney

Sydney residents in the city’s eastern suburbs have been advised to remain indoors this morning due to a significant drop in air quality caused by hazard reduction burns.

The burns occurred in the city’s northern and southern parts overnight and are expected to continue over the coming days.

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The areas experiencing the most significant reductions in air quality include Terrey Hills, Hornsby, and Holsworthy.

A warning has been issued by the Rural Fire Service (RFS) as the city was shrouded in thick smoke, urging people with Asthma to keep their inhalers handy throughout the day.

“Smoke from hazard reduction burns conducted around Sydney yesterday has settled across the broad area overnight,” said in the warning. 

“While the smoke will begin to clear later this morning further burning is scheduled for today and as a result smoke is expected to remain over parts of Sydney and the Central Coast until midweek.”

The Department of Planning and Environment rated air quality in Sydney’s eastern region as “very poor”, while the rest of the city received a “poor” rating. 

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The department suggests residents to “stay indoors as possible with windows and doors closed until outdoor air quality is better”.

They also suggested seeking cleaner air in places like air-conditioned buildings such as libraries or shopping centres.

“If you feel that the air in your home is uncomfortable, consider going to a place with cleaner air (such as an air-conditioned building like a library or shopping centre) if it is safe to do so.”

The RFS also recommended ensuring pets have access to a protected area and advised drivers to slow down, keep windows up, and turn headlights on when driving through smoky areas.

Residents were also asked not to call emergency services solely to report smoky conditions.

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