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Queensland Introduces Statewide Digital Driver’s Licence App for Mobile Phones

Queenslanders are set to access their driver’s licence on their mobile phones as the state government launches the rollout of the new digital driver’s licence technology statewide. 

The digital driver’s licences will be available to all Queenslanders following successful regional trials, kicking off today.

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Transport Minister Mark Bailey said the app had been tested for privacy and information security before its launch.

“Nothing is more important than the safety and security of your private information,” said Mr Bailey. 

“Queensland’s Digital Licence app will set the standard for mobile driver licence apps across Australia and the world,” he said.

Despite the introduction of this new technology, Queenslanders will still be required to renew their physical licences and pay the standard licence fees upon expiration. 

However, the app’s introduction means individuals can leave their physical cards at home and utilise the digital version as an official identification.

The digital licence can be employed for various purposes similar to a physical card, including entry into venues like pubs and clubs, as well as verifying identity when renting a car or collecting parcels from the post office.

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The app will be available for iPhone users on the Apple app store, while Android users can access it through the Google app store. 

“We have involved customers and user testing at every phase of the project, from the initial planning and development, through trials and testing, and on to the final roll-out.”

To obtain the digital licence, users will need to create a Queensland Digital Identity, involving verification of documents like the existing physical licence or a passport.

Once the app is downloaded, users can access their digital licences through the app on their mobile devices. 

The app is not solely for driver’s licences but can also store state government-issued photo identification cards and marine licences.

The app is encrypted and requires a six-digit code for access, ensuring an additional layer of security for users.

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