Queensland Considers Expanding Random Breath Testing To Cyclists And Scooter Users

Queensland is considering extending its random breath testing (RBT) program to encompass cyclists and scooter users to tackle instances of drink riding.

While police currently lack the authority to conduct RBTs on bicycle and scooter riders, the state government is exploring potential law changes.

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The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has initiated investigations into legal amendments that would enable RBTs for cyclists and scooter users. 

The proposed changes may involve setting blood alcohol concentration limits specific to this group and introducing penalties for offences related to drink riding.

A TMR spokesperson said: “Before progressing any changes, consultation will be undertaken with key stakeholders and the community, including vulnerable road user groups.” 

This initiative aligns with the Personal Mobility Safety Action Plan released in mid-2022.

While police do not currently have the authority for RBTs on scooter users and cyclists, they can arrest riders and test their alcohol levels if they suspect impairment. 

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The maximum court-imposed penalty for existing “under-the-influence” offences for riders is a $6,192 fine. 

Queensland Police can enforce drink riding penalties, and consuming alcohol while riding can result in an on-the-spot fine of $464.

Police Minister Mark Ryan has requested the Queensland Police Service to collaborate with TMR to explore the expansion of random breath testing. 

“The legislation that governs the application of random breath tests on motorists falls under the responsibility of the Department of Transport and Main Roads,” Minister Ryan explained. 

“To ensure the ongoing safety of road and footpath users, I have asked QPS to liaise with the transport department to consider the expansion of the scope of RBT applications.”

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