Queensland Braces For First Summer Cyclone Threat As Experts Monitor Developing Weather System

Experts say a tropical low-pressure weather system off the coast of Queensland stands a high chance of evolving into the first cyclone of the summer.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), the weather system currently located around the Solomon Islands is anticipated to intensify into Cyclone Jasper on Tuesday.

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The BOM’s tropical cyclone forecast highlights the possibility of the system moving towards the Queensland coast during the following week. 

The findings indicate that the tropical low is expected to transform into a Category One cyclone late on Tuesday, with projections of intensifying to a Category Three cyclone by Thursday.

Meteorologist Steven Hadley from the BOM explained that modelling suggests the cyclone might approach the Queensland coast in the coming week. 

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Mr Hadley said: “Some of the modelling has even suggested it could come through as far south as Brisbane, but it would probably be an ex-tropical cyclone by then, in the longer term.”

“Potentially, we are looking at something crossing the coast next week or as early as late this weekend as some of the more recent guidance that we’ve been looking at shows,” he told the ABC Radio Brisbane on Tuesday.

“But more likely than not, it would be in the tropical areas of Queensland… it’s just really too early to say just yet.”

The BOM will continue to closely monitor and provide updates on the situation. 

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