Purple Flags And Party Lights: NightLife In Western Sydney 

In recent years, Sydney’s nightlife has undergone significant changes, shifting away from the traditional focus on the CBD. 

As the financial year approaches, more people are opting for local entertainment options closer to home, particularly in Sydney’s Western suburbs. 

On today’s episode of This Arvo In Sydney, we talked to Lord Mayor Sameer Pandey, City of Parramatta, to find out how the Purple Flag Accreditation boosts after-dark fun.

Western Sydney became one of the state’s fastest-growing regions; the population grew by more than 20 per cent in the last 10 years.

The City of Parramatta applied for Purple Flag accreditation earlier this year, and the program is part of the government’s strategy to boost the city’s 24-hour economy.

Currently, two locations have received this accreditation: Sydney CBD and Parramatta. The city of Parramatta has been recognised for its cultural diversity and vibrant atmosphere, earning the title of the “second CBD.” 

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Lord Mayor Sameer Pandey said the city of Parramatta had experienced massive changes.

This is different to what they have been in the past, and I would encourage them to come to each street and the Riverside,”

Mr Pandey said.

Peter Poulet, Director of UNSW Cities Institute, said Sydney would always have the harbour and all those sorts of international draw cards, but Parramatta got a rich cultural diversity.

They have got a different demographic and a different way of entertaining themselves. So, I think it’s pretty lovely, but in a different way. The two complement one another, and there is no competition.”

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