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Pro-Palestinian Supporters Protest As Opera House Lights Up Blue And White

Pro-Palestinians have rallied outside the Sydney Opera House overnight, protesting against the landmark being lit in blue and white in support of Israel.

Around 5.30pm on Monday, hundreds of people began gathering outside Sydney Town Hall before making their way through the CBD and to the Opera House.

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Protestors were carrying Palestine flags and wearing its colours, black, red, and green.

Some carried banners while the crowd echoed chants of “Resistance is justified when Palestine is occupied”, “Israel, USA, how many kids have you killed today?” and “Israel, Israel, you can’t hide, you’re committing genocide”.

“Resistance is justified as long as more than 2 million Palestinians in Gaza are forced to live in an open air prison for the past 15 years,” a speaker with family in Gaza said at the protest.

“As long as Palestinians in Jerusalem and the surrounding cities are being ethnically cleansed and forced to live under the boots of the Zionist fascist occupation day in and day out for the past 75 years.”

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Accordingto the Facebook event for the protest, 579 people responded with interest to attend, however some estimates put the crowd at about 1,000.

“Israel has declared war on Gaza…this comes in the context of the deadliest year ever for Palestinians with Israel electing its most right-wing government ever, which includes openly fascists settlers,” the event said.

“It is the responsibility of everyone who stands for justice, freedom, against apartheid, colonialism and imperialism to stand up for Palestine.

“End Israeli apartheid, the occupation, the siege on Gaza. We demand Australia cuts ties with Israel.”

At least 700 Israelis and 560 Palestinians have died in the sudden conflict launched by Hamas against Israel on Saturday.

Two hundred and sixty of the Israelis who died were attending a music festival, while around a further 130 Israelis have also been taken hostage.

*Numbers correct at time of publishing.

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