Are We Looking At Our Restriction Free Post-Covid Future?

Despite having Europe’s highest rate of Covid infections per capita, Denmark has completely scrapped all Covid restrictions in view to claim a close-to-normal pre-Covid existence. 

Last week, Denmark authorities announced they no longer considered the virus a threat as the country’s double vaccination rate stood at 81%, 61% boosted and given hospital and ICU admissions remain low. 

Surprisingly, just days later, most other Western European countries followed Denmark’s lead despite having their own record Covid numbers. Both France (currently seeing more than half a million cases a day) and the UK are winding back restrictions. 

So, given Australia has an even higher rate of vaccination (92.8%) than Denmark, could we be staring at our own future post-Covid, restriction-free reality?

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People hit the club in Copenhagen after restrictions eased. Image: Getty

Although the restrictions have been lifted, I mean, coronavirus is far from gone here in Denmark. In fact, there are more cases now than it’s any other time in the pandemic.

– Denmark BBC Correspondent Adrain Marie

Denmark’s BBC Correspondent Adrian Marie joins Tom Tilley and Katrina Blowers on today’s Briefing to breakdown the huge challenges Denmark has faced in the pandemic, why they have adopted this bold approach (given it’s backfired in the past), and how they plan to deal with the even more transmissible Omicron sub-variant – BA.2. 

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