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Police Seize Over 3,000 Nicotine Vapes In Melbourne Tobacconist Raid

More than 3,000 nicotine vapes have been seized from a Chapel Street tobacconist after its owners were caught selling to teenagers without asking for identification.

Prahran police seized over 3,100 vapes from the TSG Tobacco Station in Windsor at about 10am on Monday.

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It comes after the mother of a 14-year-old girl revealed to the Herald Sun her daughter was able to purchase a vape from the shop.

The teen was able to purchase an IGET bar, which costs between $15 to $50.

A man and a woman in their 50s were questioned in relation to the matter and released pending further investigation.

Prahran Police Senior Sergeant Amy Perrin said vaping remains a health issue and Victorian Police would continue to crack down on the black-market product.

Victoria Police aims to address all forms of offending but prioritises the allocation of its resources toward preventing and responding to crime causing the most harm,” Senior Sergeant Perrin said.

“Victoria Police does conduct enforcement activities against businesses illegally selling nicotine vapes, often in collaboration with authorised officers from local councils.

“However, we have a broader focus on education and prevention. This has included engaging with schools to help inform parents and staff.”

The Chapel Street seize comes after Victorian Police raided a store on Swanston Steet on July 25, seizing more than 25,000 allegedly illegal vapes.

About 2,500 packets of allegedly illegal tobacco cigarettes were also seized, police saying the total amount of the products was worth about $800,000.

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