Police Give “Closer Scrutiny” To Queensland House Fire Claimed Lives Of Five Children And Father

A Queensland house fire that killed five children and their 34-year-old father has not been declared suspicious, but police said the fire required “closer scrutiny”.

The man has been identified by multiple media outlets as Wayne Godinet, and he was reportedly trying to rescue his children when the fire occurred.

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Once the fire was extinguished by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, they located the bodies of six people, believed to be a man and five children.

The family’s mother, identified in reports as Samantha Stephenson, survived the inferno by escaping when the home was engulfed in flames at around 6am on Sunday.

The 28-year-old woman and another 21-year-old woman who also escaped the house were transported to hospital in a stable condition. 

Emergency services were called to the Todman Street property when the fire had spread to three neighbouring properties which sustained damage. 

A friend of the family, Peter MacLoughlin, arrived before the firefighters and told 9News that he was “devastated”.

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He said the mother of the family called him for help just after 6am. 

“(The) mother came out very distressed saying children were inside as was her partner,” he said.

“There was nothing I could do.”

Detective superintendent Andrew Massingham said the two women had been cooperative so far, and the police planned to interview the pair today.

“No determination has been made at this stage as to whether this fire is suspicious or not,” Massingham said.

An investigation centre was established because “some elements of this incident yesterday do require closer scrutiny”.

“These scenes are confronting for all of us. They’re particularly challenging. That scene has had to be guarded overnight, knowing that those people who perished are still there.”

Police are appealing to anyone with information or relevant vision to come forward.

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