Image: Rising Tide

Over 100 People Arrested Following Climate Protest At Newcastle Coal Port

New South Police have charged more than 100 people after climate protestors blocked a major coal port in Newcastle.

Around 3,000 protestors gathered at one of the world’s largest coal ports, protesting the government’s inaction on climate change ahead of the COP28 summit.

An agreed finishing time for the protest was 4pm, however when protestors refused to leave the port, police began to make arrests.

About 109 people were arrested – 18 were taken to nearby police stations while 86 were taken to a nearby port facility.

Two men aged 23 and 65 were refused bail and will face Newcastle Local Court on Monday, while the remainder will appear in January.

Five minors were arrested and were dealt with under the Young Offenders Act.

In a statement, NSW police said they would allege in court protesters had entered the harbour channel at the Port of Newcastle after the 30-hour blockage was due to finish “despite appropriate warnings and directions”.

“Subsequently, more than 80 persons were arrested and are currently being processed by police. No injuries were reported during the arrest phase,” police said in a statement.

“As of 5.30pm, all persons were removed from the harbour and normal harbour functions have recommenced. Due to the number of persons arrested, it is anticipated that any charging processes will take some time.”

Protesters from the Rising Tide group are demanding the government stop allowing new coal projects, tax fossil fuel export profits at 75 per cent to fund community and industrial transition and pay for climate loss and damage.

Rising Tide organiser Alexa Stuart’s grandfather Reverend Alan Stuart was by her side for the protest.

“I just think of the young people growing up that I knew,” he said.

“People are going to be, they’re going to find it difficult to cope in many, many, many situations and I think the final result in all of this is death.”

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