“News For Angry Old People” – The Trouble In Murdoch Town 

Did the TV show Succession predict it? The Murdochs have fired Former Fox News star host Tucker Carlson and retreated from two giant legal fights with Dominion & Crikey. 

Carlson broke his silence for the first time since his abrupt departure from the network this week, posting a videotaped statement in which he criticised the state of public discourse on US television. 

Click the link below and listen the full episode:

“Suddenly, the United States looks very much like a one-party state. That’s a depressing realisation, but it’s not permanent,” Carlson said. 

“Where can you still find Americans saying true things?” Carlson asked. “There aren’t many places left, but there are some.” 

In today’s The Briefing, we speak with Paddy Manning, a journalist and author of The Successor, on just how rotten things are in the state of Fox News. 

It wouldn’t have been a good look for Fox to fire Tucker in the lead up to the trial; a week ago, we had the shock settlement of the Dominion lawsuit with $800 million US dollars; now the settlement has been made, Murdoch decided to act on Tucker,”

Manning said.

Manning said Carlson was one of America’s most popular television news anchors. The New York Times analysed every episode of Carlson’s program and described it as “the most racist in television history”. 

It’s hard for the Australian audience to understand how significant Tucker Carlson is, he is seen as a genuine thought leader on the right, and he has been a kingmaker in the Republican party, and he has been able to direct traffic on the Republican side of politics,”

he said.

But he has been an endless source of controversy for Fox News, not always in a good way. It’s crazy.”

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