New Laws Introduced In Crackdown On Illicit Tobacco

New laws will allow Queensland Health to crackdown on the illicit sale of tobacco across the state. 

The new legislation passed by the Palaszczuk aims to strengthen the state’s anti-smoking and illicit tobacco laws. 

A licensing scheme will be introduced as part of the crackdown, allowing only certified Queenslanders to sell tobacco. 

Health Officers will now have the support of Queensland Police in the investigation and seizure of illegal tobacco. 

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The Department of Justice and the Attorney-General will be working with Queensland Health to introduce infringements and ‘on the spot’ fines. 

Under the new legislation, anyone caught supplying illicit tobacco faces a fine of up to $43,125 while anyone caught storing illicit tobacco faces a fine of up to $20,125.

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Minister for Health Shannon Fentiman said that while Queensland has seen a decline in smoking related deaths, the health system can do more to prevent it.

“Despite the success we have had in reducing the number of Queensland smokers by more than half over the past 25 years, smoking still causes far too many preventable deaths,” she said.

“We are coming after illegal tobacco products and the people involved in producing, selling or storing it, you will be caught, and you will face hefty penalties”.

The introduction of the new legislation follows a major crackdown on e-cigarettes and vaping.

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