New Breach Of Bail Figures Show Ongoing Offending From Juveniles In QLD

New breach of bail figures have revealed that strict new laws in Queensland have failed to deter youth offenders from reoffending. 

Since some of the “toughest laws in Australia” were introduced to Queensland, recent figures show that 169 youth criminals have been charged with 511 breach of bail offences. 

While these figures are troubling, police believe the numbers could be higher due to a lack of reporting based on individual circumstances. 

The new laws were introduced in February following the stabbing death of North Lakes mother Emma Lovell during a home invasion. 

Under the new laws, breach of bail now qualifies as a criminal offence punishable by harsher penalties. 

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According to the recent stats, North Queensland has been identified as one of the worst regions for youth crime with 160 offences and 36 juveniles charged between March 22 and May 25. 

This around double the amount of breach of bail offences than other Queensland regions including southern QLD with 70, Far Northern QLD with 87 and Brisbane with 65. 

According to police, 40 of the 169 offenders were 15 years of age. 

Indigenous juveniles are believed to have made up 112 of those charged. 

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